Prescription Sports Eyewear

Wearing the right eyewear is a must to help you see clearly, protect your eyes from injury, and help you play your best. Jean Rigby offers a selection of sports eyewear with presctiption lenses for men, women and children.

Whatever sport you play, the team at Jean Rigby Opticians we can advise you on the most sport-appropriate eyewear.

  • - Cycling & Mountain Biking
  • - Running & Athletics
  • - Badminton, Tennis & Squash
  • - Swimming & Water Sports
  • - Golf
  • - Football & Cricket
  • - Skiing & Snowboarding
  • - Motor Sports
  • - Fishing
  • - Shooting
  • - Climbing

Important considerations when selecting your sports eyewear are shatter-proof frames and lenses to protect your eyes from moving objects and UV protection for outdoor sports in the form of lens tints, available in various colours.

Sports Goggles

At Jean Rigby Opticians we have access to a number of specialist manufacturers of sports goggles for swimming, skiiing and snowboarding. Your prescription lenses can be fitted into sport goggles so that you can enjoy sports with perfect vision.

Sports Glasses

We offer quality Sports Glasses at competitive prices with various brands and styles to choose from. We are confident you will find something to suit your sports needs.

Following an eye test, we will arrange for prescription lenses to be fitted in your chosen sports frames. There are a number of different types of lens available, such as anti-reflection and polarised, which can further enhance the performance of your sports eyewear.

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